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Last Minute Shoppers Shine Wearing Only a Smile Christmas Eve

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Last Minute Shoppers Shine Wearing Only a Smile Christmas Eve December 2006
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Last Minute Shoppers Shine Wearing Only a Smile Christmas Eve: Website-in-a-box

First-of-its-kind internet product, Website in a Box, makes it easy to find a thoughtful and unique last-minute gift online this holiday season. Now with instant electronic delivery, online shoppers avoid crowds and leap frog over courier deadlines.

VANCOUVER, BC - December 4, 2006 - Website in a Box software inc., developers of the dot-com creation package of the same name, assure procrastinating 11 th -hour shoppers that they can buy as late as December 24 th - wearing, if they choose, only a smile of satisfaction - knowing they have purchased a one-of-a-kind, complete internet website that will be under the tree before Santa descends the chimney.

The tax and delivery-free USD$70 'box' provides beginners a bundle of services and software to create and maintain an internet presence for a full year: WWW Domain Name, Hosting, Email, 24/7 Help, and EZ Builder with many fill-in-the-blanks templates that get even the technophobe up and running in literally minutes. Those that want to post their own custom look and feel are also in good hands since, as many satisfied customers already know, it's all included in the low price. For the technologically-challenged, Website in a Box Designers are there to help with every step getting on the information highway for as little as $10/hour.

Online sales are expected to hit the $32 billion mark, according to "2006 Online Retail Holiday Forecast" by JupiterResearch. But there's a catch - last-minute online shoppers lose the last 10 days of the season if they want non-priority shipments to get their gift to family and friends in time, because guaranteed Christmas ground shipment cut-off for UPS, FedEx, and USPS, is mid-December. Website in a Box, now available by electronic delivery, neatly solves the problem - at a speed rivaled only by Santa's sled.

'The naughty', web-based gift buyers shopping after December 13 th , will have to fight the mall crowds frantically looking for the last PS3 and Wii, or pay premium shipping fees to get packages delivered. This is the first year thinking "inside the box"will get their gifts under the tree effortlessly. Gift givers can start a website in less time than it takes to stuff a stocking. Because the 'box' operates from any internet-connected Windows computer, they can 'stuff' their gift website from anywhere in the world, and announce it by email, gift card, or phone call - just in time.

"With the time and money our customers save, they can drop by their favorite charity, or spend more time with their family - a way better place to be than a too-crowded, stress-filled parking lot," said Tim Pippus, inventor and President of Website in a Box.

Website in a Box and other instant-delivery web-based services give procrastinators a smart way to quickly reciprocate gifts from 'the nice', those that planned their gift-giving months ago. The easy-to-use point-n-click website builder makes it look like weeks were spent creating a gift-site on the internet. Website in a Box is suitable for virtually any website hosting need - guaranteed and online at www.WebsiteinaBox.com.

Website in a Box - Everything you need to create your own dot-com. Period. Published by Website in a Box software inc., operating a state-of-the-art network of web hosting servers connected to the premier fiber optic internet hub in western Canada . Retail product distributed under contract in North America since 2003 by Atari USA , New York .

Contact: Robin Bates - pr2006@websiteinabox.com Box 3012 Mission, BC, Canada, V2V 4J3 - ph.(604) 556-8610
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