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Websites for Everyone - Fast, Frugal & Fun - $69.97 December 2006

The Website in a Box gives everyone with a PC and an internet connection the power to grab their very own piece of the internet. Website in a Box has been designed to guide 'the rest of us' through the steps of creating a web presence in less time than it takes for lunch.

Included with each box is a full year's: WWW Domain Name Registration, Website Hosting, Email, 24/7 Free Unlimited Support, EZ Builder with many fill-in-the-blanks templates for making the most timid into successful 'internet moguls'. No knowledge of internet programming, FTP, HTML, ore web-site creation software is required.

Product is switchable between EZ Builder (for most of us) and PRO Hosting modes advanced website designers that are familiar with MySQL, PHP, CSS, XML, to build and manage the largest sites with the popular Ensim webspace control interface.
Contents of Website in a Box Top

FILL-IN-THE-BLANKS "EZ Builder" - A web-based application allows access from any computer, in any country, at any time. Click on a text box to type some text, then enhance the font, size, and other attributes. Click on an image box, and instantly upload any photo in your computer, seamlessly rendered for use on the web.



Partnered with eNom Corp., the second largest domain name Registar, we offer the top six domain name extensions free: .COM, .NET, .ORG, .US, .BIZ, .INFO - choose from any of billions of available domain names. Additional domain names may be added as 'secondary domains', which can be parked for later use, or use them to forward site visitors to your website.

Domain Registrar Partner:


50 large-capacity email accounts are included, with option of adding 50-user bundles affordably. Mail can be accessed by standard email program, or via the webmail interface. Up to 200mb of email can be stored at one time. Additional email features such as 'catch-all', 'aliases' and 'forwarding' are included free.


Each Box contains about 20 times the webspace most folks ever need - 200mb. Space can be added as part of the FILE SHARING option, or as-needed. We are connected to the internet's fiber backbone at western Canada's largest hubs. Our internet connectivity is supplied by Shaw Business Services (formerly BigPipe inc.) - the fastest network, with a blistering-fast OC-192 fiber backbone between Vancouver and New York .

Our Internet Network:


Customers constantly rave about the support we provide - not just for geeky-stuff - we help them build their websites!

Our support people know that an 'online' customer is a 'happy' customer, and they do whatever it takes to find a way to get their customer's message onto the web.

Our website is loaded with FREE website design tips, how-to, website promotion ideas, quick-start guide, free website tools, and monthly newsletter. For those that want get one-on-one, work-until-its-figured-out telephone support, it's available for a small fee.

And, if you need something special done, we'll dedicate a Web Designer to your project on an hourly basis. Rates are as low as $10/hour, and full-package deals can be arranged for large website projects.

Combine 'Box' Ingredients with the following Top

Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, Internet Connection (dial-up or high-speed), images stored in your computer (from internet clipping, scanner, or digital camera), and a desire to share a message via the internet.

Purchase, build, up-date from anywhere you can connect to the net - even wirelessly. So flexible, multiple users can simultaneously update website or configuration - all they need is a 'connected' Windows computer. The system even works with a sluggish dial-up connection.

Preparation Time Top

Estimated time to add 10 photos & text, choose domain name, publish worldwide: 30 minutes. Update your site in mere seconds; and tinker with it forever - there's always something new to say and share.

Serving Suggestions Top
A friendly place to showcase their artwork, report cards, favorite things to family & friends. A practical opportunity to learn about internet safety, privacy, the internet, digital images, and keyboarding creativity
  Build a site to reflect their emerging sense of self and interests. Get the edge in school with explorations in internet languages - present school papers on their personal site, and share the things they're interested in
  Create a private place, blog, profile, members-only forum or chat site. Express yourself, share photos, videos, music and inside information
A gathering place for family and friends to share life's events and memories. Maintain strong ties with family members scattered across the city, or around the globe. Always-fresh family album, and each family member can post their own photos, files, and reports
  Post resumes, handy computer files, wallet photos, personal profile, or post a travel journal. Extend the power of a 'For Sale' advertisement with online pages to sell: Home, Car, Boat, RV, online auction items
  Give a Website in a Box to proud parents. Signal your support of grandchildren's dreams/goals. Celebrate a birthday or special 'growing-up' event. Create a memory book - the story of your life, or one you love
  Hang out your shingle to the largest audience possible. Demonstrate your expertise by blogging, or creating an online newsletter. Build a loyal following while you show your expertise - sharing your knowledge, and whetting site visitors' appetites for more
Post your assignment calendar, coordinate your study group, build an online reference library. Teachers distribute assignments, check on student progress, show examples, deliver lecture notes and test results. Have your students create a classroom network by listing all the student sites - a self-maintained dynamic class list
  Publish your idea to establish ownership (the Patent lawyers call it 'prior art') of a patentable product or process. Join the businesses in your town online - your customers are looking for an easier way to contact you, learn about your products and services, and buy from you
Have your smallest group create their own 'Profile & Directory' site, and create a central site that lists each group: You have created a self-managing directory and network of units throughout your organization. It's a bottom-up organizational directory that needs little top-level management, with all the benefits. The VFW of Mississippi has harnessed the power of Website in a Box - Associations, Governments, Distributed Sales Forces will never be 'unreachable' again
Make public and private information available to family/friends/associates in the event of catastrophic storm, flood, or fire. Evacuees can reach your site for the latest information to know where to meet, and what to bring. Maintain a password-secured page to hold scanned documents, cards, home inventory, personal profiles, images and video
Optional Ingredients Top

Both the EZ Builder, and PRO Hosting modes offer FREE add-ons - depending upon mode, they can include: Photo Gallery, Forum, Chat, Visitor Counter, Revision Date, Sub-domains, and other Website PowerTools.


For a nickel a day, add File-Sharing, Password-Protected Pages, or Instant Site Backup, to enhance the power and reach to and EZ Built website.


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