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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What is Website in a Box?
Website in a Box is everything you need to create and maintain your own dot-com website. For one low price you get a www-domain name, and then create a website using our no-experience-required site builder. You get 200mb of webspace, 50 e-mail accounts – all fully-paid for an entire year. Renewals are the same price, or less, when you have accumulated rewards for referring others to Website in a Box.

Why is Website in a Box, in a box?
When The Website in a Box was sold at Wal-Mart, Office Max, and other retail stores, customers needed a box to take to the check-out - the box gave an otherwise intangible product some substance. When you buy Website in a Box online you don't need a box because we activate your account the moment you make your purchase.

How is Website in a Box different from the usual web hosting I can buy online?
They're both the same thing. Our 'box' delivers better value and ease-of-use than the other leaders in web hosting, and essentially, we offer the same top-quality hosting.

You offer "Easy Website Builder" and "Professional Hosting" modes of Website in a Box - What's the difference?
Your 'box' provides ample webspace and other pre-paid services, and we offer it in two different modes so we can accommodate BEGINNERS and PROFESSIONALS with the features each group needs.

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