Vol. 2 - Issue 4  
July 24, 2024  
Gulf Coast Quilt Guild Welcomes Quilters

When you stop by www.BayOaksQuiltGuild.org you’ll find some of the cheeriest folks anywhere on the net. 30 busy guild members use their website as a member directory, showcase, and quilting resource center.

The ‘bay’ the quilters hail from holds the dubious distinction of suffering the fury of hurricane Katrina’s eyewall storm surge of 28 feet, which caused massive devastation to the Bay St. Louis area, and left over 1,800 people dead along the Gulf Coast in 2005.

Since the storm, the Bay’s quilters have rallied together to help each other, and their neighbors, with their quilting activities. They welcome you to learn more about their Guild, and one of the nicest communities in America.

While you’re visiting www.BayOaksQuiltGuild.org download the list of essential quilter’s supplies, patterns, or pose a quilter-question – they’ll be happy to help you with your project! Also check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bay_St_Louis to learn more about this resilient community.

Site-Building Tip:
Get in the 'game' – Start Your Website Today


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We’re often surprised by the number of times we see a customer register a domain name, then stop right there – they leave the registered domain name to languish without attaching a website to it.

It’s said that “A journey of ten thousand miles begins with a single step” – Starting a website with the Website in a Box Easy Builder is as simple as ‘step one’.

Our support team speculate that these people are waiting to create the ‘perfect’ site, or maybe they feel the job is just ‘too BIG’. And, while they wait, potential site-visitors arrive at their ‘place-holder’ page and simply learn that ‘there’s nothing here’ – you miss an opportunity to reach someone, and they miss the opportunity to meet you. We know you were only 38 SECONDS away from having a website – and you’re not alone.

We want EVERYONE to benefit from their websites, and we’re here to coach, teach, poke, prod, polish, edit, tinker and even completely build your internet presence – just send us a note to support@websiteinabox.com and we’ll do what it takes to get you on the web.

Once you’ve published your first page, you can come back again and again to add new pictures, make announcements, post a ‘feedback’ form, or simply describe what you do. The more site updates you make, the more search engines will be interested in your site too.

For those that are waiting for the 'perfect' site, are you also waiting for a Rolls Royce as your first car? The rest of us drive to work in other cars, building a better future every day. So get started today, and your web presence will be 100% greater than it was yesterday – Guaranteed.

Website Promotion Tip:
Begin 'Positioning' Search Engine Results – TODAY!




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As mentioned in the “Site-Building Tip”, GETTING STARTED is the key to becoming known on the internet.

When you first publish your website, you are ‘discovered’ by search engine web-bots within hours. That doesn’t mean they’ll push your name to the top of search engine results in hours – far from it.

A web-bot will report the existence of your website to a search engine, and the record of your page(s) will be monitored, and other correlating ‘popularity’ information will be accumulated over time. It has been rumored that new sites are kept in a ‘sandbox’ for many months to determine a site’s legitimacy and its placement in search engine results.

By reading the articles on website promotion in other issues of this newsletter, and on our website, you know that many factors affect your search engine placement. The ‘key factor’ is being on the net to be FOUND in the first place – later, ‘time’ becomes the underlying factor that allows search engines to notice the dynamic popularity of your site.

The sooner you get your site published, the sooner you’ll be noticed, and the search engine’s ‘time’ factor can begin ticking on your site.