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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

As a Beginner, what features do you provide me?
Please see 'details' for the specifics, but the main feature is EASE-OF-USE - we guarantee that anyone can build and maintain their own website, or we give you 100% money-back.

As a Professional, what features do you provide me?
Please see 'details' for the specifics, but the main feature is FULL-FEATURED WEBSPACE suited to building eCommerce and database-driven interactive websites, where you may want to use the latest website tools and techniques.

What is the 'Preferred Edition' of Website in a Box?
The Preferred Edition provides TWO main benefits: It provides vastly increased features and value over the discontinued retail-store edition, and when referred, earns you FREE renewals, even cash, for simply telling others how easy it was to build your website. If any of your site visitors purchase a Website in a Box, your rewards accumulate automatically.

Can I try before I buy?
Our 100% money-back guarantee takes the worry out of trying the Website in a Box Preferred Edition. Use your credit card to establish your account, then sign-in and build your website without any restrictions – for as long as you like - test the features and ease-of-use, as well as the helpfulness of our customer service advocates, and only when you're convinced that we're the best, you can go 'live' on the internet. When you're ready to publish your site across the internet, choose a domain name to allow others to find you from anywhere in the world.

How do I get started?
Buy your Website in a Box online through this website. Sign-in, and click BUILD WEBSITE - Choose from a variety of pre-designed site styles - Click PUBLISH WEBSITE, and you're on the orldwide web!

May I update my site once it is online?
Yes – Just sign-in to your Website in a Box account with your username and password, then use the Easy Website Builder to make any changes to the layout, color scheme, or content. When you want the world to see the changes, just click PUBLISH WEBSITE. You won’t ever need a paid professional to edit your website – even an adult can do it.

I already have a domain name - may I use the Website in a Box with it?
Of course! The Preferred Edition provides FREE transfer-IN of your domain, and your 'box' provides free registration of your domain for a full year.

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