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Made in BC, Bud - Comedy Award Nominees Score Unexpected Hosting Gift

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Made in BC, Bud - Comedy Award Nominees Score Unexpected Hosting Gift October 2006
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Made in BC, Bud - Comedy Award Nominees Score Unexpected Hosting Gift

Made-in-BC Website in a Box creates a homegrown "buzz" at this year’s Canadian Comedy Awards & Festival with their head-turning "Made in BC, Bud" promotion introduced to all nominees and performers.

Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) October 12, 2007 – Nominees and performers at this year’s Canadian Comedy Awards & Festival taking place in London seize $100,000 of "Made in BC, Bud" zip bags, superb herb, website hosting, and site-builder services from Website in a Box as made-for-the-comic gag swag.

Website in a Box, the popular all-in-one $70 bundle of domain, hosting and hand-holding for novice website builders, caught the eye (and nose) of some of Canada’s top comedic talent like Brent Butt, Catherine O’Hara, Russell Peters, and many more, with bags of aromatic herbs and $500 certificates valid through Christmas. Developers of the online website-creation product have spent many nights researching the habits of Comics and fully expect Festival goers to quickly sniff out the "Made in BC, Bud" promotion.

Wise-cracking Website in a Box founder, Tim Pippus, recalled hanging with performers at the back of smoke-filled clubs doing research and says, "Comics will inhale the chance to get a bag of herbs and a complete web presence"; Pippus went on to say, "When you take the time to know Comics, you learn that many savor fine dining and want to be accessible to their many fans".

To prevent misidentification of the packaged oregano as an illegal substance, gifts are labeled with contents, along with a note addressed to 'the man', and include the Made in BC Bud dot-com website address, plus a toll-free Explanation Line. When asked what to do if someone mistakenly identifies the bagged herb as something else, Pippus quoted the classic Cheech & Chong track, Sergeant Stadakno, "Hey man, if it's oregano, you can put it in your soup".

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